It all started with one little trail…



Experience the atmosphere of Wales while enjoying the best ales in rural Welsh pubs.

The Real Ale Trails throughout North Wales have been a phenomenal success. Ale Trails started in Flintshire with a small event run twice a year to bring new people to the out of the way rural pubs and the idea worked. The pubs enjoyed new found popularity and people found it easier to visit somewhere they had been before. Now reaching its 7th year and proved a great success it has paved the way for more routes, more real ales and more events to enjoy!


“Rural pubs are part of our heritage and they make a valuable contribution to the Flintshires economy and its local small village communities”

Christine Artus, Flintshire Tourism Association Chairman

Apart from being a thoroughly enjoyable day out with friends; you also taste one off ales and visit pubs you’ve never heard about. The ale trail has a direct impact on tourism and the local economy.

Each year Flintshire Ale Trail transports over 2,400 people straight to the doors of small country pubs and brings over £300,000 to the rural economy. 

The rural pubs all gear up for this small ale festival. They employ more bar tenders, cooks, cleaners and the list can go on. More than 70 people in either a full time or part time capacity now work the festival in some form or another. Indirectly, the Ale Trails supports the employment of local people through the purchase of supplies too, think micro brewery, bus companies, designers, printers, hotels, taxi’s; everyone gets a lift from the event.

If you love ale, join one of the Real Ale Trails and experience the atmosphere of Wales while enjoying the best ales. The event has been growing year on year since the Flintshire Tourism Association funded the first event under the organisation and guidance of Coya Marketing. More buses and transport have been acquired each year to meet the increased demand of people wishing to partake in the Real Ale Trail. Bottoms up!

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