Oct 11

For the second time this year the Ale Trail loops the Wirral on Oct 22nd stopping off at some rather unusual pubs in order to drink some rather tasty ales, but tasty Ales are not the only reason to spend a Saturday on the Trail.

Here are the 6 reasons why we think you should join us this October for the Wirral Ale Trail.REAL-ALE-trail-north-wales3

1. OMG, everyone can drink and nobody needs to drive hurray (apart from the bus driver obvs) The ticket gets you unlimited travel all day and Desi (designated driver) gets to join in for a change.

2. This trail is all about meeting up with your mates and trying new things, pubs, ales, food, even a bus, when was the last time you travelled on a bus….intentionally?

3. There’s 9 ‘mazing pubs to visit; some you probably have not been to….. so sit back we’re going to take you.

4. You get to be part of the Wirral vibrant micro-brewery scene, with each pub stocking different ales we’re not sure how your going to cope with the choice….. all-together there is over 50 to choose from.

5.We apologise in advance. You’re bound to get singing on the bus. We find the best coping mechanism is to let loose and join in.

6. Each stop feels like mini festival within a mini festival. Some pubs will have live music, some will have a Marque and some will make Lobscouse, nobody knows what each pub does until the day.

All in all, it’ll be one wicked day….. spending time with good friends knowing the days agenda is taken care of……just don’t miss the last bus.

Tickets can be purchased from each pub or online HERE  for £12pp or they can be purchased on the day for £15pp.

Bottoms up!

The Trail starts and finishes anywhere on route, from 11am to 11pm. Pick up cheaper tickets before the day (so you have more money to spend on Ale). £12 before £15 on the day.

Wirral Ale Trail Oct 22nd